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The new Turbolinks look interesting!

I was taking a peak of the source over on hey and noticed how they are leveraging the next version of Turbolinks. I am super curious about the new Turbolinks Frame. I stumbled across this repo which gives us a preview (somewhat). How will Stimulus integrate in the next release?

Side note: First time post here, but I’ve been using Stimulus and Turbolinks for quite some time now. I generally combine these 2 libraries with mithril.js and sometimes rely upon the the state management pattern for when I need more complex structures stored in state, it’s a rather odd combination but it works wonders for my use cases and helps provide a form of dom hydration when rendering virtual nodes – I just want to communicate how deeply appreciative I am to all maintainers and contributors of stimulus and turbolinks. This community is really top. Also, @adrienpoly your activity here in discourse has been a great help over the years, so thank you.

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Hi @panoply, and welcome!

We have been asking for details on what’s coming for some time now.

Safe to say, at least 48 of us are curious.

Welcome @panoply and thanks for sharing this Turbolinks demo repo. It is very interesting AND time saver as I wanted to do something similar to test

I suspect a fair few changes will be shipping. While I personally don’t have the answers looking over Hey’s source I was able to dig up some interesting features. It is however rather irritable the secrecy that Basecamp retains with this shit because it’s impossible to plan ahead especially how utterly stagnant Turbolinks has become in terms of PR’s not being addressed.

@adrienpoly I use Elixir and haven’t dabbled with Rails in a very long time, what were your findings in that repo?

@leastbad Despite what the critics say in your linked thread, I found your wording and question to be quite valid, same as your response. Shame you caught some heat on it.

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